100 Blocks in 100 Days: Week 12

We're on the home stretch! Here's week twelve of the Tula Pink City Sampler quilt along, hosted on Instagram by Angie of Gnome Angel. Lots of critters this week. I especially love block 80. I wish I had a whole bolt of those indigo frogs from Prince Charming. ;-)

See all the blocks I've made on Instagram at #sgq100blocks and check out everyone's blocks at #100days100blocks2017.

Check out my week 13 blocks.




5 thoughts on “100 Blocks in 100 Days: Week 12

  1. Sarah, how awesome that you are keeping up with this sew-along. I'm impressed. I honestly don't know if I could. I'm with you on the Tula frog fabric. It looks so great in your block. This will be such a super colorful quilt that is uniquely you. Take care, Mary.

  2. Linda Gowan

    I have been admiring the 100 blocks 2019 and just received my pattern. Hopefully the others won’t mind if I join in at block 35.

    1. sarah

      Post author

      I really enjoy participating in a quilt along. The 100 blocks in 100 days was a little intense, but I'm glad to have done it. (My blocks are still waiting for me to sash them and finish the quilt though!) I was tempted to participate again this year since it's a different 100 block pattern than I did. Instead I'm just enjoying seeing everyone else's blocks in my instagram feed. Thank you for visiting, Linda.

      1. Linda Gowan

        Oh yes I noticed after I sent the note to you that it was the 2018 pattern you were part of.
        This will be my first sampler quilt.
        I started one in the past and got as far as "block one" and have made several quilts repeating that one block without all the busywork!


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