Q1 Finish Along Goals

UPDATE: Projects that have been finished since this original post are linked to. Click on project title to see the finished quilt.

Oh boy! I totally threw down the "I'm gonna finish twelve WIPs" gauntlet last quarter. Let's just say, I didn't even come close. November was rough. For the quarter, I finished six quilts and five others have moved on to a better place. ;-) At least that means that I am finished with 11 quilts, even if I didn't see them all to completion myself. How many of us feel like we have more quilts we want to make than we'll be able to in a lifetime? I decided it was time to prioritize. I'm passing a few on to one guild to be finished for charity quilts and taking in two (that I'm calling "one large project") for the UFO swap at another guild.

I can at least say I've been good at not starting new projects. That won't last as I have some new quilt patterns in the works that I'll be stitching up in the coming months and I've opted to participate in this season of Project QUILTING. There are six one-week challenges over the first 12 weeks of the year. Challenge 8.1 is done and I'm awaiting details for the next challenge. Inspired by Leasa to Use the Good Stuff, I've already declared that Challenge 8.2 (sight unseen) will feature my Tula Pink fabrics.

Additionally, for the first time, I'm challenging myself to participate in the All People Quilt UFO challenge. #3 on this list is my January goal for that challenge. Without further ado, here's the entire project list:


  1. Star Light Star Dark. From the quilt along with Quilty Habit. I'm having a lot of fun quilting this one! It's 75% quilted and will be finished and off to it's recipient today or tomorrow!
  2. Project QUILTING challenge 8.2. Before the challenge comes out, I've decided I'll be using my precious Tula Pink fabric for the upcoming challenge. Here's a peek at some of my Tula stash. 
  3. Color Strata Quilt. This month's OMG UFO goal. I've cut up my strata and decided on a rough layout. My next task is to do the math to make sure I have enough background fabric to achieve my vision. 
  4. Hazel the Hedgehog Mini for Hazel Mania swap. Fabrics selected.
  5. MQG swap mini. Fabrics selected, some piece cut.
  6. Creative HST project from Jeni Baker's class at QuiltCon. I'm close to 144 units. Here are some of them.
  7. In the Middle quilt. From The Bee Hive #beehiveswarmtisha.
  8. Cotton & Steel (and low volume) HST Quilt.
  9. Meadow Mystery. With Meadow Mist Designs. We were given the instructions for the final blocks this month. Here's my progress through Decembers instructions. 
  10. Ocean quilt for my daughter. I need to replace this fish and add some more fish.
  11. Midnight Mystery Quilt. Finished Quilt top. 
  12. Patchwork City Metro Area Quilt. I've made myself block kits for a handful of blocks. 
  13. Batik SCVQA philanthropy quilt. I just need to quilt it. It's embarrassing how long I've been saying that. :-/
  14. Memory House Vol. 1 Quilt (2 houses complete
  15. Swoon Quilt. 
  16. Primary mini quilt. Same pattern as my Cotton & Steel mini swap. Hoping to get better at adding those bias edge triangles to finish it. 
  17. Rainbow Chain. The pattern is Autumn Chain from The Bee Hive quilts. 
  18. My Floating Squares improv project. (from The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters by Sherri Lynn Wood.)
  19. Rainbow Remix from Rebecca Bryan's class at Quiltcon. Blocks are all done. Next up, the big job of piecing together irregular blocks.
  20. Wonky Cross quilt from Rossie Hutchinson's class at QuiltCon. I added a second palette of fabric that I thought worked with the first. Here are the blocks I've completed so far.
  21. Quartered Log Cabin quilt from Rossie Hutchinson's class at QuiltCon
  22. Purple Royalty quilt. 
  23. La Passacaglia. No way I'm finishing this anytime soon, but including it so my list is complete. 

Other Sewing

  1. Zippered Pouch with my EPP hexies from Johanna Masko's EPP class at QuiltCon.
  2. Frog shirt for my son. Bowling Shirt (pattern by Scientific Seamstress). 
  3. Winnie the Pooh Skirt/Shorts for my daughter.

Stats: Since my list is long I like to look at the progress. This shows the makeup of my list over the last year.

  • Planning Stages (pre-fabric pull): 4 (Q1), 0 (Q2), 2 (Q3), 0 (Q4), 1 (Q1)
  • Fabric Pulled: 1 (Q1), 1 (Q2), 2 (Q3), 2 (Q4), 1 (Q1)
  • Fabric Cut: 1 (Q1), 0 (Q2), 0 (Q3), 2 (Q4), 1 (Q1)
  • Piecing in Progress: 15 (Q1), 20 (Q2), 20 (Q3), 21 (Q4), 16 (Q1)
  • Quilt Top Completed: 7 (Q1), 9 (Q2), 7 (Q3), 7 (Q4), 3 (Q1)
  • Quilted: 0 (Q1), 0 (Q2), 0 (Q3), 1 (Q4), 1 (Q1)

Bucket List: Because I need more projects, right?

  1. Triangle Squared quilt.
  2. Equilateral triangle quilt, perhaps Chopsticks pattern.
  3. Raspberry Kiss lap quilt.
  4. Technicolor Galaxy.
  5. Polaroid quilt.
  6. Chopsticks quilt.
  7. Pirate Quilt. (I have fabric, but no firm plan on design yet.)

I'm linking up to the Q1 Finish-A-Long. Thank you to all the co-hosts for this year! I'm very thankful for Finish-A-Long helping me stay organized and motivated.

Thank you for visiting!

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6 thoughts on “Q1 Finish Along Goals

    1. sarah

      Post author

      Thank you, Bo. I do have my choice of quite a few fun projects to finish next. I finished quilting #1 today. :-)

    1. sarah

      Post author

      Thank you, Anja. I really appreciate those of you who set a nice reasonable goal for the number of projects to finish in a quarter. I like having my whole list in one place, though I never imagine I'll get them all done in a quarter. ;-)


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