Color Play Friday: Skywalker

This week Trina picked Lorinda's photo of Skywalker. Since I've used green the past two weeks I wanted to avoid that obvious color. I also wanted to avoid brown (sorry, Skywalker!) since I have an aversion to it in quilts. That left me with limited options and I decided to go for this greyscale palette. You could easily add a color (like green), because I think pretty much anything works with a black and white palette.

I created my palette with Palette Builder 2.1 by Play Crafts.

I love that my fabric picks feature two Alison Glass fabrics (love her work!) and two from Karen's Blueberry Park line (every time I see these I wonder why I don't own more of them!). The Kite Tails fabric reminded me of a country fence. I chose Bergen for the natural shapes and the Grow and Dalmatian prints for their representations of nature. I especially like the butterflies in Grow (again, why don't I own this!?). :-) I think a solid white could be used instead of Ink to give the eye more of a place to rest.

Kona White
Kona Ash
Kona Steel
Kona Coal
Kona Charcoal
Kona Black

Ink in White by Alison Glass, Andover Fabrics
Kite Tails in Silver by Karen Lewis, Robert Kaufman
Grow in Andesite by Alison Glass, Andover Fabrics
Bergen in Slate by Lotta Jansdotter, Wyndham Fabrics
Painters Canvas in Black by Laura Gunn, Michael Miller
Dalmatian in Black by Karen Lewis, Robert Kaufman

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8 thoughts on “Color Play Friday: Skywalker

  1. You rebel! But I love that your represented the picture through the prints. I'm the same as you- always wondering why I don't own every single fabric in the Blueberry Park collection!


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