Color Play Friday: Tulip Festival

Another lovely floral photo, Lorinda picked Trina's Tulip Festival photo from Mount Vernon, Washington for this week's photo. I think you'll see my preference for green and purple in my choice of palette again, somewhat similar to what I chose last week. Only one of my solids is actually the same as last week, the Avocado Green. I really had to resist using the same fabric I chose last time. (Bonus: This photo/palette also fits in with my #purplesewingchallenge for the month.)

I created my palette with Palette Builder 2.1 by Play Crafts.

I feel like my fabrics are a little nutty. I chose that adorable tadpole fabric first. Thinking they look like little fish, I thought I might try to lean ocean (hence the anchors). In the end I really struggled with the light green, looking for the right color and wanting a larger scale print. Next time, my goal is going to be to start with a multi-colored print containing colors from my palette. I just really love my blenders!

Kona Bone
Kona Tarragon
Kona Avocado
Kona Pewter
Kona Garnet
Kona Windsor
Kona White

Hatch in Bone by Timeless Treasures
Rhino in Green by Firetrail Designs, Andover
Painters Canvas in Bottle by Laura Gunn, Michael Miller
Elemental in Charcoal by Hawthorne Threads
Tadpoles in Cabernet by Amy Butler, Westminster/Free Spirit
Anchors Away in Navy by Sarah Jane, Michael Miller
Arrowheads in Azalea by Hawthorne Threads

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If you'd like to participate in Color Play Friday you can visit In An Otter Life or Laurel, Poppy and Pine for the rules, their contact information, and next week's photo.

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8 thoughts on “Color Play Friday: Tulip Festival

    1. sarah

      Post author

      Thanks, Trina. I kinda wish my little tadpoles were little birds, since I think they would pair better with rhinos, but I just couldn't resist the rhinos anyway. :-)

  1. I love your bundle! I agree that hippo is cute. I love that you tapped into the creamy and the lighter tones. The last one with the reddish cone shapes, my fav! Great bundle.

    1. sarah

      Post author

      ;-) This has been fun. I'm finding next week's photo a bit challenging. It'll be interesting to see what different people do with it.

  2. Hi Sarah! How funny that we both picked our first fabrics and thought ocean thoughts, even though they are so different. I love your "nutty" fabrics, although I would call them fun or whimsical, not nutty. I am starting to cut Moda Grunge right now and your Hatch and Painters Canvas fabrics remind me a bit of it.

    1. sarah

      Post author

      Thanks, Bethany. I'll have to remember that next time: fun and whimsical. :-) The grunge fabrics keep coming up in my world lately. They are interesting. As a big fan of blender fabrics, I think they would work nicely in my stash.


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