Teaching My Son to Quilt: Part 5

Quick report.

This week he finished piecing his quilt top. It measures about 37" x 37".

He also made his quilt label (which I love!!!) and decided he'll use the turtle fabric on the backing. He's named it "Jungle of Animals" which I find very appropriate.

(first name removed for blog)

Next up, quilting. We've submitted his quilt for my guild quilt show so we'll be finishing up the quilt in the next couple weeks to have it ready.

See his process so far:

Next up, Part 6.

8 thoughts on “Teaching My Son to Quilt: Part 5

    1. sarah

      Post author

      Thanks. I'm not sure that will happen. More likely is that my son and I will be battling over who gets to use my sewing machine. ;-)


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