October Quilting Progress

October is over. Heck, so is a whole lot of November. It's about time for an update on what I got done last month. I finished a philanthropy quilt and made some progress on my IG Mini Swap quilt, but I also made progress on some other projects. Here's a quick glimpse of some of my quilting progress in October.

Car Baby Quilt

I think I got excited about baby quilts because the size is so nice. I pulled a few fabrics from my stash and made this fast little quilt top. (Purchased the border fabric at PIQF.) I don't have a baby in mind to give this to. Of course, it also isn't finished yet. I'm thinking it might be my first quilt for sale on Etsy.

baby quilt


Little Letters

I thought this project by Temecula Quilt Company was adorable. I've only got A through F done (in two color ways), because I'm not loving the design of G. I thought I would redesign it, but now I think perhaps I should get over it and just piece the G block. I did, however, pick my fabrics through N. That put me ahead of the game when I did it. Of course, with two letters a week coming out (they just posted U) I'm now sorely behind. little letters


2006 Mystery Quilt

I made some really decent progress getting the quilt top together, but I didn't quite finish it before something in life dictated that I not have a bunch of fabric laying all over the floor. Just need to piece together a few rows and add on a border and the top will be done! Perhaps I should get this one down in time to be a Christmas gift. 2006 mystery quilt


Block Party Blocks

The Block Party block for October in my guild was Birds in the Air. I made two of these blocks to participate. I'm not a particular fan of half square triangles, so I like that this pushed me to just do it. I think the tip of squaring up individual blocks is key to things going well with HSTs. I like how the Block Party pushed me outside my comfort zone. It reminds me of the first time I came to a meeting. I had been stalking the website before I joined and was excited to participate. Then the month that I was going the block of the month was applique, which I totally wouldn't have tried at the time if not for that push.

birds in the air

October was busy with running my first 10k, a foot injury, a family vacation to Disneyland and the kids and I being plagued by illness. Looking back I'm surprised I got any sewing done. Last weekend I threw my husband a 40th birthday party, so I had to break from my sewing for at least a few days. I really need to focus on some of these works in progress... but I'm already queuing up stacks of fabric for new projects. New fabric is so fun!

6 thoughts on “October Quilting Progress

    1. sarah

      Post author

      Thanks, Robin! It has some fun backing fabric as well. Hopefully I'll get it done sometime soon to show that off. :-)

    1. sarah

      Post author

      Thank you so much, Jasmine. I really enjoyed the process of not knowing what I was making. I'll be giving it as a gift when I eventually get it done. :-)


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