ALYoF October and Q4 Finish Along Goals

It has felt really good the past few months to get into a groove of regular sewing and finishing projects. A Lovely Year of Finishes and Finish Along 2014 help me stay focused and motivated.

This month for ALYoF I'd like to I'm going to finish the Dinosaur Philanthropy Quilt that I started quilting... um... in 2012. (Not too bad since September's ALYoF was a UFO from 2003.) The quilt was pieced by another member of my guild and I'm quilting it with a sample of Leah Day's FMQ patterns since I was just starting to free motion quilt when I started working on it. It's been on the back burner for a long while, but I only need to quilt 12 more squares and bind it. :-) Pathetic that I haven't finished that up yet, huh?

I finished 8 of my 18 Q3 Finish Along Goals, and seven of those have rolled forward to this month. Plus I've added a few more UFOs I've run across and some new projects I've started or planned in the last month. (I'll add links to the list below as I finish these projects.)

  1. Dinosaur SCVQA Philanthropy quilt (FMQ partially done -- see above)
  2. 2006 (red/black/white) mystery quilt (one step left to finish the top)
  3. Ocean quilt for The Girl (top pieced, but needs applique done)
  4. Batik SCVQA philanthropy quilt (sandwiched)
  5. Roman Stripez with butterfly backing (some blocks pieced)
  6. Roman Stripez with turtle backing (some blocks pieced)
  7. The Purple Ninja Quilt (fabric selected)
  8. 2004 Baseball Quilt (some blocks pieced)
  9. Little Letters in Brights Quilt (A-F pieced)
  10. Little Letters in Blues/Greens Quilt (A-F pieced)
  11. Memory House Vol. 1 Quilt (2 houses complete)
  12. Giant Wonky Star Quilt (front and back pieced)
  13. Winnie the Pooh Skirt/Shorts for The Girl (fabric purchased)
  14. Minnie/Mickey Dress for The Girl (fabric purchased)
  15. Vehicle Baby Quilt (fabric pulled from my stash, started cutting -- see below)
  16. Pirate Quilt (pre-cut fabric selected)
  17. Lazy Susan dress for The Girl (fabric selected)
  18. Christmas Mini Quilt (using 4 orphan blocks I somehow acquired)
  19. IGminiswap quilt (some design ideas on paper)

Some more goals that aren't finishes:

My newest project is a vehicle baby quilt, using fabrics pulled from stash. I'll be making yellow and red 4-patch blocks to go with the feature fabric blocks.

What are you working on this month? What's your most neglected UFO?

I'm linking up on the October ALYoF Goal Setting Party and the Q4 Finish Along Goal Setting Party.

12 thoughts on “ALYoF October and Q4 Finish Along Goals

  1. Marji

    LOL, Sarah, here goes!
    My most neglected UFOs are my scrapbook/photo albums! Other less guilt inducing UFOs include knitted socks (1 pr on needles), a set of knitted bags to felt and line (I'm torn to start because they look so pretty just knit!) , a knitted but unstuffed Mother Bear donaton (just don't want to buy a whole bag of filler to make one small bear), and the one that looks to be finished soon is a cut out stack of 'hen' pot lid holders. I took the pattern for these from a worn one that I LOVE. I will post a photo on my FB page, they are so cute!
    These were inspired by YOU and your blog posts. I bought a five pack of fat quarters and a small roll of cotton batting, came home reverse engineered the item, made two successfully (including the continuous bias binding, thanks to a youTube tutorial from McCalls Quilting). Then forced myself a la Sarah to cut out all the rest of them and stack them neatly to just power through the construction when I get back to them. I plan to give these as hostess gifts this holiday season. I LOVED that the fabrics were already co-ordinated for me. What a boon to the indecisive and fabric/color loving sewer that I am. Aside, oh how I miss CM Power Palettes :-(
    So my vicarious pleasure in your completions has taken life under scissors and needle!

    1. sarah

      Post author

      My photos are SO neglected, too. One, bad photo taste in my mouth post-CM. Two, sewing too much. :-)

      Your projects all sound great. I look forward to pictures on FB. I knit one sock once. It didn't fit me. Have you considered stuffing your bear with scrap fabric. I can save my scraps of fabric and quilt batting for you. I just donated a bag, but I'll make more.

      I'm touched that I've inspired you. Thanks for being a faithful blog reader.

    1. sarah

      Post author

      Thanks. I'll need it. It's already the 6th and I don't think I've sewn anything this month yet. :-)

    1. sarah

      Post author

      Thanks! It feels good to get some old stuff off the to do list... a great effect of regular sewing.

  2. Wow! 8 out of 18 is great! I don't like having lots of quilting UFOs, so my most neglected UFO is my scrapbooks. But at least the photos are all organized.

    1. sarah

      Post author

      Oh, don't even start about photos. Mine are in such disarray. I keep *meaning* to make it a priority, but it just isn't at the moment. 2012 is about done. Too bad 2014 is almost over. ;-)


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