Teacher Gifts: The Best Part

collage of drawstring bagsI just realized that I forgot to include this gem in my post about teacher gifts. The Boy dictated his messages to each teacher and I attached his notes to the outside of the gift bags. Since he's three, he doesn't totally get the surprise part of opening a gift. At birthday celebrations this year as we handed the wrapped gift to the recipient he's been known to exclaim, "we got you a sewing kit!" or "it's a skirt!" So, I've been working on reminding him NOT to tell people what is inside the gift so that they can be surprised. Here's one of his teacher notes:

The Boy's note to teacherI had a hearty laugh while taking dictation.

5 thoughts on “Teacher Gifts: The Best Part

  1. Marji

    What subtlety! He ought to be a diplomat :-)
    (I remember being three and blurting out "It's a purse!". My sweet mother assured me she hadn't heard what I said, but it was a hard lesson anyway.) And they do 'look like' little bags. I'm sure everyone loved the bags and treasured the notes.


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