Circle Skirt

finished crown and skirtI don't have much to say, except that it's done! And delivered. And I hope that the 4-year old who received the gift will excuse the imperfections that are the bottom hem. Yeah, don't look to closely.

Okay, I have a little more to say. The tutorial I found was great (though when you cut out your B+2 circumference hole, you'll need to use c = 2πr to calculate the radius measure). And attaching fold over elastic (FOE) was nice and easy (though it took me a bit of effort to get used to stretching the elastic as I sewed). The challenge was the rolled hem. Perhaps I should have gone with the serging option for the bottom hem, but I have the fancy rolled hem foot for my machine since I used it (once) on The Girl's first birthday dress. The difference though, was that The Girl's dress was made out of a 100% cotton woven that behaved much better than this slick, slippery, satiny fabric for the skirt. I'll need more practice. I hope the 4-year old dances around sufficiently fast that nobody notices.

I thought the felt crown and circle skirt were a nice pairing for a birthday gift and they were both quick projects.

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