Throwback Thursday: My First Royal Icing Cookies

For much of 2013 I surfed around Pinterest looking at amazing Royal Icing cookies. I wanted to learn how to make some in time for The Girl's first birthday. I LOVED these for her farm themed party. Well, that didn't happen. I kept pinning adorable cookies. I kept surfing through cookie blogs. I found the recipes I wanted to try. I found the supply list for the necessary supplies.

The First Cookies

purple and turquoise1In October 2013 I pulled the trigger. I used some birthday money and placed the order for supplies to get started. I decided on two colors with the help of The Boy and I went to work. My biggest initial challenge was the icing consistency, but I was generally happy with the result. I decided that I love wet-on-wet designs, both because I'm a little impatient and there's no need to wait for a layer to dry and because, even with some imperfections, marbling is fast and easy and it has a big impact. It reminded me of my days years ago making marbled paper. I wonder if I have any of that around here anymore. Hm.

purple and turquoise2
Piping proved a little more challenging than the wet-on-wet designs for me.
The Boy did the fill and dots on this one.
His first cookie: The Boy did the fill and dots on this one.

The REAL First Cookies

travel themed bridal shower
travel themed bridal shower

So my sister pointed out that I had actually made a set of cookies long before that October 2013 batch. Back in September 2010 (when most of us hadn't even heard of Pinterest yet!), I hosted my sister's bridal shower. It was a travel theme and I made some decorated sugar cookies with their names and Eiffel Towers as party favors. There was a lot I didn't know about the art of cookie decorating back then.

Jenn and Jeff cookiesEiffel Tower cookies




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    1. sarah

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      Thanks, Pam! It's all about consistency. Flood icing is about the thickness of warm honey. It just all kinda flows together before it starts drying.


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