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I know it's March. I decided in December when I didn't have the bandwidth to do serious planning that I would let March 1 be my New Year's Day. So, welcome and Happy New Year!

Last year my word of the year was Chaos, or really Embrace the Chaos. We are at the nearly finished end of a remodel at our house. (How long does the "nearly finished" stage last?) While things are certainly still chaotic I'm ready to move on and start settling into 2019. My word of the year for 2019 is Enjoy. All of the work and chaos of the last year, the "season of sacrifice" as Gretchen Rubin would say, was so that we could really enjoy our home, and enjoy having friends over. Despite not being fully settled we had our first real weekend in the house this past weekend. (We've been here a couple weeks, but it was moving weekend, then I was in Nashville for QuiltCon.) It was so nice to relax with friends and just hang out in our own space. Bagels, conversation, board games, and a sewing project for school. Ahh...

I had another plan in mind, and still might go for it, but my word of the year would be a good fit for the Project QUILTING challenge this week, which is Abecedarius. I think the definition has been extended to "relating to letters or the alphabet" for the sake of the challenge. I missed the February challenges due to the aforementioned chaos, but I'm hoping to participate in PQ this week. There's still time for you to join, too. Check out the challenge!

Happy quilting!