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In Spring of 2015 I cut the pieces for my first Swoon blocks. By February 2016 I had three finished blocks. Then they fell completely to the back burner.

When I joined Miss Love's Finishing School for the Winter 2019 QuIP session I decided to mostly pick projects that were really old WIPs and would be fun to work on. And mostly that they are projects for me. Finishing School runs for eight weeks and I chose to put my Swoon quilt in two of those slots, planning to finish two 24" blocks each week. Well, naturally the week 1 and 2 randomly selected projects were Swoon and Swoon. So, over the past two weeks I have finished four Swoon blocks! Here are all my blocks.

It is exciting to make progress on an old project. This leaves me just two more blocks plus sashing to finish my quilt top.

What old WIP do you miss working on? What's holding you back?


Week two of my 4x7 Sewing Challenge isn't as flashy as the first. I cut out fabric for the next four blocks. That was 228 pieces. Okay, a few of the background pieces were cut from previous blocks. Still. It's kind of amazing how much time all that pressing and cutting took. I did start sewing, but since I'm working assembly line style there isn't much to show for it. Here are the piles.

In order to keep track of the placement of my pieces for my scrappy background, I lay all the pieces out and photograph each block. As I piece my units together for each block I go back to the photos to make sure everything is ending up where I wanted it.

I have a giant pile to assembly line chain piece. For the many places that I'm sewing a square to a corner of a square or piecing a square to a rectangle for a flying geese unit I like to sew a second seam 1/2" from the first so that when I trim off my extra triangles, they are already pieced into HSTs.

In week three, I've already fallen off the sewing wagon. So far, my selfing "sewing" time this week has been spent prepping for QuiltCon. Certainly my 21 hours of class over the next three days will catch me back up. Once I'm home I'll get back to sewing my Swoon blocks. It would be awesome to get these four blocks done by the end of the month.

I fly down to QuiltCon in Pasadena, CA today. Are you going? What are you most excited about? I'm taking five workshops and if my head isn't spinning too much from all that info, I hope to connect with some quilters in real life. Unfortunately, as a QuiltCon newbie, I scheduled three of my workshops in the evening, so dinner meet-ups are out for me. Note to self for future years. ;-)

Last night I showed off my fabric pulls for my QuiltCon workshops on a Periscope broadcast. You can view the video on my katch account or through Periscope during the 24-hour replay window (I'm @sarahgoer there).

I'm linking up to the Week 2 Progress linkup for the 4x7 Sewing Challenge.


A long, long time ago I started a Swoon quilt. I cut out the first blocks almost a year ago. I finished my first block and then the project moved to the back burner. I decided that Sarah's 4x7 Sewing Challenge was the perfect excuse to focus my daily selfish sewing time on my Swoon quilt. I'm happy to report that in the first week, I've finished two more blocks. These were both already in progress at the start of the month, but with 65 pieces per block, these 24" blocks take a while. You can see my progress pics on Instagram.

I've chosen my pairs of fabrics for my next four blocks. Today's "sewing time" will be spent cutting. :-)

I'm linking up to the Week 1 Progress linkup for the 4x7 Sewing Challenge.