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Purple is my favorite color. It has been for as long as I can remember. At my bridal shower when they quizzed me about my then fiancé (and had his answers in advance) I learned that his favorite color is purple, too. What a lovely surprise. This means we now have a purple bedroom. The color just makes me happy, so this really works for me.

An Ode to Purple

Oh Purple,
The color of kings and emperors.
You are a feast to the eyes,
With your beautiful saturated tones
Of Amethyst, Aubergine, Violet, Boysenberry, Magenta.
I love how you appear in a beautiful sunset
and delight me in a variety of flowers.
Oh Purple,
Even the rainbow knows,
As it saves the best for last.


I was recently admiring some really excellent purple fabric pulls on IG and ran across Meg's purple fabric post on Instagram and instantly knew I had to share with my purple-loving quilting friend Jess. This led to the three of us deciding to host the Purple Sewing Challenge on Instagram. We're encouraging everyone to join us in sewing and quilting purple in February. The challenge is just for fun (no restrictions or prizes, just fun!). When you link up on IG please tag Jess (@quiltyhabit), Meg (@myteaandbrie) and myself (@sarahmgoer) and use our hashtag (#purplesewingchallenge).

Purple Sewing Challenge

I looked over my WIP list for purple projects, and the list was sorely lacking. So naturally, I started a new project. I showed it to you in my WIP Wednesday post last week. I'll be making the Royalty quilt by Kelly at My Quilt Infatuation. Here's a peak of some of my fabric pull, with my first two sections pieced.

Previous Purple Projects

Check out some of my finished quilts that featured my favorite color.

Raccoon Envelope Mug Rug

Retro Campers 1 and 2

Schnitzel and Boo Mini Swap (round 4)

Prince Charming

Purple Quilt

Stellar Wind

Purple Ninjas

In addition to my new purple quilt, my intention for the month of February is to make progress on at least one of my WIP quilt projects that is for me/my home. Atop my list are my Swoon quilt and my Patchwork City quilt. The other one that comes to mind as definitely being for me, and currently being very neglected, is the Memory House project where I'm making a house block with scraps from each of my finished quilts. The problem with having a very productive quilting year is that I'm even farther behind on this project than I was at the start of last year. ;-) I'm participating in Sarah from Berry Barn Design's 4x7 Sewing Challenge this month to keep me on track with doing some sewing for me! I hope you'll join us! Are you making something purple for yourself? Double dip and participate in both the 4x7 Sewing Challenge (#4x7sewingchallenge on IG) and the Purple Sewing Challenge (#purplesewingchallenge).