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Things I Make is now Sarah Goer Quilts

Nearly a year and a half ago when I started my blog I thought I wanted to blog about all. the. stuff. And I started out doing that. But it became clear to me that sewing, and especially quilting, are what I'm most excited to be sharing about, my true passion. Things I Make has started to feel a little too vague to me. While I may still occasionally post about some other stuff, I'm primarily a quilt blogger. As such, welcome to Sarah Goer Quilts. Nothing else is changing. You can still find me here at www.goer.org/sarah and around the web as Sarah Goer: Bloglovin', Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest.

Large Open Wide Zipper Pouch. Envelope Mini. Basic Shapes Mini. The Purple Quilt. Candy Shoppe. 1st Birthday Dress.


I'm feverishly working on some June deadlines for swaps and gifts. Here's what I've got going on at the moment. The swaps will be shipped on time, but I'm really a last minute kind of gal.

Alison Glass Mini Swap

I'm really excited about this one. Maybe enough to recreate it for myself! I used Alison's Alternative pattern at 50% size with her Sun Print 2015 Mercury and Grove fabrics (so fun to work with!). It's half pieced and half paper pieced. Ship deadline is June 15. Yeah, that's today. Just need to attach the binding and get it in the mail.


Cotton & Steel Mini Swap

I showed you in my last post that this is my goal for the month. I've just added on the background. Ship deadline is June 19. As soon as I get back from the post office later today, I'll be getting to work quilting this one.


Teacher Gifts

Last Thursday was the last day of school. Oops, they'll be fashionably late. (Sorry about that!) I'm making eight small open wide zipper pouches from Noodlehead's tutorial. I'm actually making nine total, since I'm making one for my daughter, since my son got one from my last batch. Here is what the pile of bags looks like at the moment.


Mystery Quilt

I've also pulled fabric to participate in Cheryl's Midnight Mystery Quilt at Meadow Mist Designs. I've decided to go with scrappy: (A) orange, (B) teal, (C) pink and (D) light grey. I'm really looking forward to the July 2nd cutting directions.


I'm also excited to be participating in the 2015 New Quilt Bloggers: New Bee Hive. Week one of our blog hop is underway. Check out these new quilt bloggers from my hive:

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