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So as I approached 100, I really wanted to have an epic "I just finished this awesome quilt I started in 2003" kind of post... but that's just not what life had in mind for me at the moment. I have been doing some sewing, which is so good for my sanity.

What I'm Working On

So I am working on that quilt from 2003. It's my ALYoF goal for September, and I have another week. This worries me. It might mean that I quilt more simply than I think I'd like to, just to knock it into the completed column. At the moment I'm piecing the backing. There's been a lot more thinking about making progress than actual progress being made so far this month. I look forward to showing it off when it's done.

I've started a couple new quilts. Yes. I know. I'm crazy. I have a WIP list as long as my arm. But I saw these cute Little Letters sew along from the Temecula Quilt Co. when I surfed onto Tanya Quilts in CO and I just couldn't resist. I've been organizing my stash and I have 1 1/2" strips which I'm not convinced that I'm excited about using in general, so I was glad that this project would use some of them up. I've decided to make two quilts, 'cause why not. One is in a brights color way and the other is in blues and greens. I'm using the same American Made Brands solid gray background for both. They are putting out two letters a week. It's nice to be caught up and seems feasible to be able to keep on schedule with the sew along.

I also started my Memory Houses!! I was inspired by Jo and her Memory Cats, a reminder of her past quilts by creating blocks using her scraps from each finished quilt project. When I saw her Memory Cats a few months back I thought it was a wonderful idea, and I knew I had scraps from many of my quilts since I'd been organizing my stash. So I went to work grouping my scraps from each project and looking for the missing pieces. (The only quilt I have no scraps from is this one from 2005.) In the last week I made the final decision that I would use solid white for my background and got to work. I've finished two blocks. They are 6 1/2" square.

I'm working in order (for now), so this first one represents my very first quilt.

And this cute little two-story house (and tree!) are from my second quilt. I'm quite excited that the next house block in the queue is for the duck quilt. And I'm already liking the variety of the houses in my little neighborhood. They are taking a while to complete since I am making it up as I go. (And that second one has thirty pieces!)

The Blog

I've known I was "all in" on this blogging thing for quite some time now. I'm having a great time and it's helping me stay motivated with my projects. As for updates to the blog, I've mostly been thinking about what I want to change. Like creating new social media buttons and creating finished quilts pages. All in good time. And likely not before 2015.

I use WordPress and have been very pleased with the free themes and plugins available to make my blog do what I want it to do. I'm also inspired to get back to learning some coding so I can customize my WordPress theme. In honor of my 100th blog post, I've made a donation to Tiny Forge theme creator, Tomas Mackevicius. I appreciate the work he's done on creating the theme that I've been happily using for the past 8 months.

I also really appreciate all my readers. Thank you for being here and for making this fun.

I'm linking up to WIP Wednesday.