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How is it the middle of the month already? I think stress makes time pass faster than normal. The past two weeks have been a little stressful. Among other things, I had a minor surgical procedure last week (nothing serious, but somewhat painful and logistically difficult). But The Husband and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary on Saturday. It was a lovely, relaxing evening. Just what I needed. I feel like this past weekend I came out of a fog I've been in for about two weeks.

And just in time. This Thursday is The Boy's 4th birthday. I have some finishing touches to put on his AMAZING birthday present (shh... it's a big secret I've already told too many people about and I don't want to blow it). His party is Saturday, so I need to get my ducks in a row for that. And the blog... has been a little neglected, so I hope to refocus this week.

cookie cutters

I'll be baking cookies today for the party, and decorating them on Thursday.

I finished the outfits for the kiddos to wear to the party (posts coming on Saturday). Teaser photo:

A sleeve!
A sleeve!

I have made great progress on The 2005 Mystery Quilt. I'll get you a peek at those soon, too.