Q4 Finish Along Goals

Once again, I finished 5 projects off my goal list for last quarter. Three baby quilts, my oldest WIP, and I helped my daughter finish her first quilt.

Moving forward, there are a lot of projects I really want done right now. I have a couple swaps coming due this month. Plus submissions to finish for QuiltCon. Plus my kids' bed quilts. Plus holiday gifts. Okay, I'm gonna just throw this out there. I'm gonna finish TWELVE quilts this quarter. Go big or go home! ;-) If you need me, I'll be in my sewing room. (By the way: Eek! I'm up to 33 WIPs!) I also want to spend some time thinking about passing on some WIPs that I'm not as in love with anymore. It would be good to start the year fresh heading into 2017.


  1. Disney Rug Mug. Shipping real soon. 
  2. Heather Ross Mini Quilt. Shipping first week in November.
  3. Heather Ross Mini Mini Quilt. Shipping first week in November.
  4. Striped Quilt (my daughter's second quilt). I just need to help her get the binding on. 
  5. Creative HST project from Jeni Baker's class at QuiltCon. I'm close to 144 units. Here are some of them.
  6. 9-Patch Challenge for QuiltCon. Designed. Fabric purchased.
  7. Michael Miller Fabric Challenge for QuiltCon. Fabric selected.
  8. Star Light Star Dark. With Quilty Habit. I'm having a lot of fun quilting this one! It's 25% quilted.
  9. Very Hungry Caterpillar twin quilt. Same pattern as Caterpillar Fizz. Finished quilt top.
  10. DONE. Quilt my 6-year-old son's most recent quilt top and help him bind it. He's making a twin sized bed quilt for his sister.
  11. In the Middle quilt. From The Bee Hive #beehiveswarmtisha.
  12. Cotton & Steel (and low volume) HST Quilt.
  13. Meadow Mystery. With Meadow Mist Designs. Join us!
  14. Ocean quilt for my daughter. This was take one on appliqué and my blue fabrics bled. :-(
  15. Midnight Mystery Quilt. Finished Quilt top. 
  16. Color Strata Quilt. My stratas are made. 
  17. Patchwork City Metro Area Quilt. 
  18. Little Letters in Blues/Greens Quilt. I might need to change gears on these two to make them faster finishes.
  19. Little Letters in Brights Quilt.
  20. Very Hungry Caterpillar small lap quilt. Quilt top finished.
  21. Batik SCVQA philanthropy quilt. I just need to quilt it.
  22. Roman Stripez with butterfly backing. Some blocks done. (see #23)
  23. 2nd Roman Stripez.
  24. Memory House Vol. 1 Quilt (2 houses complete
  25. Swoon Quilt. 
  26. Primary mini quilt. Same pattern as my Cotton & Steel mini swap. Hoping to get better at adding those bias edge triangles to finish it. 
  27. Rainbow Chain. The pattern is Autumn Chain from The Bee Hive quilts. 
  28. My Floating Squares improv project. (from The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters by Sherri Lynn Wood.)
  29. Rainbow Remix from Rebecca Bryan's class at Quiltcon. Blocks are all done. Next up, the big job of piecing together irregular blocks.
  30. Wonky Cross quilt from Rossie Hutchinson's class at QuiltCon. I added a second palette of fabric that I thought worked with the first. Here are the blocks I've completed so far.
  31. Quartered Log Cabin quilt from Rossie Hutchinson's class at QuiltCon
  32. Purple Royalty quilt. 
  33. La Passacaglia. No way I'm finishing this anytime soon, but including it so my list is complete. 

Other Sewing

  1. Zippered Pouch with my EPP hexies from Johanna Masko's EPP class at QuiltCon.
  2. Frog shirt for my son. Bowling Shirt (pattern by Scientific Seamstress). 
  3. Winnie the Pooh Skirt/Shorts for my daughter.

Stats: I love data. I think I'll try to start showing the following graphically, buy I think it's a great metric for seeing my progress and not feeling like my lengthy WIP list is solely a bunch of languishing, forgotten projects. Those 20 that are in progress... many are much farther along. I promise.

  • Planning Stages (pre-fabric pull): 4 (Q1), 0 (Q2), 2 (Q3), 0 (Q4)
  • Fabric Pulled: 1 (Q1), 1 (Q2), 2 (Q3), 2 (Q4)
  • Fabric Cut: 1 (Q1), 0 (Q2), 0 (Q3), 2 (Q4)
  • Piecing in Progress: 15 (Q1), 20 (Q2), 20 (Q3), 21 (Q4)
  • Quilt Top Completed: 7 (Q1), 9 (Q2), 7 (Q3), 7 (Q4)
  • Quilted: 0 (Q1), 0 (Q2), 0 (Q3), 1 (Q4)

Bucket List: Because I need more projects, right?

  1. Triangle Squared quilt.
  2. Equilateral triangle quilt, perhaps Chopsticks pattern.
  3. Raspberry Kiss lap quilt.
  4. Technicolor Galaxy.
  5. Polaroid quilt.
  6. Chopsticks quilt.
  7. Pirate Quilt. (I have fabric, but no firm plan on design yet.)
  8. Leah Day's Dancing Butterflies to develop my free motion quilting. (I joined, but never... um... started.)
  9. More Mini Mini Quilt Swaps on IG.

I'm linking up to the Q4 Finish-A-Long. Thank you to all the co-hosts for this year! I'm very thankful for Finish-A-Long helping me stay organized and motivated.

Thank you for visiting!

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14 thoughts on “Q4 Finish Along Goals

    1. sarah

      Post author

      Thanks, Bo! I have to set aside all my other projects and be able to focus 100% on that one to get it done. It's basically like a giant puzzle at this point. :-)

  1. Lisa

    You always have so much on your list. It's so exciting to see. You are also super good at getting the finishes in. Good luck.

  2. Sarah, it struck me as really interesting to see your project list photos. You have a very diverse style. Love the bold colors of your Rainbow Remix and the Wonky Cross quilt as well as the quieter, low volume HST Cotton and Steel project. Great choices!

    1. sarah

      Post author

      Well, I've finished two so far! (The low hanging fruit.) However I opened the box for the next one I was going to "finish up" only to realize I only have about 2/3 the number of blocks finished that I thought I had done. My end of October deadline isn't looking so good on that one. Thanks for the encouragement, Anja!

    1. sarah

      Post author

      Thanks, Mary! I have some lofty goals of awesome detailed quilting on it. No idea if I'm gonna be able to rock that or not. I'd love to see you do something with yours! :-)


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