Color Play Friday: Hydrangea

I love Trina's pic for this week's photo, and not just because it fits in with my #purplesewingchallenge for the month. This is Lorinda's photo, Hydrangea. I challenged myself to use more than five colors this week and started with a variety of purples. I created my palette with Palette Builder 2.1 by Play Crafts. I realize that I continue to stick mostly to blenders, but I'm happy with the variety of patterns in these fabrics. My mom has a purple and green room in her house, so this palette reminds me of that room.

Kona Purple
Kona Dark Violet
Kona Lilac
Kona Pansy
Kona Avocado
Kona Bonsai
Kona Titanium

Floral Burst in Purple by Sarah Watson, Cloud 9
Dalmation in Geranium by Karen Lewis, Robert Kaufman
Rosette in Lilac by Alisse Courter, Camelot Cottons
Pearl Bracelet in Lilac by Lizzy House, Andover
Ta Dot in Moss by Michael Miller
Tonal Floral in Green by LB Krueger, Wyndham Fabrics
Allotments in Shadow by Karen Lewis, Robert Kaufman

Check out the other palettes this week at:

If you'd like to participate in Color Play Friday you can visit In An Otter Life or Laurel, Poppy and Pine for the rules, their contact information, and next week's photo.

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8 thoughts on “Color Play Friday: Hydrangea

  1. I'm in love with all your fabrics- every single one! And we have a matching fabric this week, which is fun! I love it when that happens. I struggle too with wanting to choose all blenders. Of course, if you saw my stash it makes sense- mostly blenders. A cool part of Color Play Friday is that you start to see those patterns in your choices and can use that info to start stretching yourself out of your comfort zone a bit. I've so glad you've joined us- I love seeing what you do each week!

    1. sarah

      Post author

      My stash is mostly blenders as well. Over the last year I've spent time thinking about filling the gaps in my stash. I need to make an effort to use some of the non-blenders that I've purchased. That said, you can't go wrong with blenders. There's certainly a reason I love them so much.

  2. I love all your modern fabric choices! You and Lorinda both did a great job of incorporating more of the purples into your palettes and its lovely!

    1. sarah

      Post author

      You should join us! Just contact Lorinda or Trina. The process takes a bit of time, but it's fun. As a challenge, I'd like to work harder to choose some more non-blenders. (Spoiler: I don't think I've achieved that for tomorrow's post.)


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