Sassy X Block Tutorial

These directions are to make a 16 1/2" unfinished quilt block. You will trim to 16 1/2" square when you are done sewing.

Please make your block with one Kaffe print (for the square/triangles) and one solid (for the strips).


Cut one 16" square of Kaffe fabric.

Cut two rectangular strips of solid fabric. These should both be the same size in your block. Cut them 29" (updated) long and 2 1/2" to 4" wide (pick a width!). If needed, you can piece fabric together to be able to cut these long strips.

Cut the square on the diagonal to make two triangles.

Fold one triangle and one strip and finger crease or mark the centers. Like up the centers to sew this seam.


Repeat the process to sew the other triangle to the strip.

This is approximately what your block should look like. It will vary depending on the width of your strips.

Cut the other diagonal. This cut should be a 90 degree angle from your pieced seams. If everything was centered when you sewed them, the cut will go through the corners of the print fabric.

Repeat the above process to insert your second strip.

Fold and finger crease or mark the centers to attach the strip.


For precision, use a ruler to mark where the strip should align so you get an X at the intersection.

Mark the top and bottom. Use these marks to align with the seams on the right to sew the last seam.

Your oversize block will look roughly like this.

Using a 16 1/2" ruler, trim to 16 1/2" square. I used the center lines (at 8 1/4" lined up through the center points of the triangles. The corners should be in the center of the strips. ***I am happy to trim blocks if you just want to leave them oversized when you piece them.***


Not sure yet of the due date for blocks. Gayle will let us know. Sooner the better for allowing lots of time for quilting and finishing.